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Lapel Pins' Meterials

Iron: Iron is prized for its strength, durability, and affordability. While not as lustrous as precious metals such as gold, it is easy to pain, making it highly versatile.

Aluminum: This rustproof metal is soft, light, and malleable, making it easier to shape than heavier metals.

Zinc Alloy: Composed of varying quantities of copper and other metals, zinc alloys are ideal for the construction of lapel pins thanks to their fluidity during the construction process.

Bronze: Another alloy of copper, bronze is often used in a process called photo etching. Photo etching is ideal for creating intricate, complicated designs.

Copper: This material is popular in the use of the cloisonne (pronounced close-oh-neh) technique, which yields rich, artistic designs.

Precious Metals: Gold and silver are sometimes used to add highlights to lapel pins made of more conventional materials.